We believe video is an essential part of the learning process.

Why Viddler?

A History of Innovation for eLearning

A History of Innovation

Viddler was founded on creating timeline specific commenting. Today, we continue to transform video into an active, measurable learning experience.

Learning Focused Technology for eLearning

Learning Focused Technology

Viddler turns your static video content into an active engagement activity, which is necessary for learning.

Customer Service for eLearning

Customer Service

We think of our clients as partners. This guided and personal approach ensures you are set up and help make video central to learning.


Viddler has a long history of innovation in online video, developing patented new approaches, and transforming video from a passive viewing experience to an interactive, measurable, user-centered one. Backed by a powerful, secure content delivery network, Viddler delivers millions of videos for thousands of businesses around the world every day.

Mobile technology is everywhere. To accommodate this, Viddler has developed far-reaching HTML5 video player technology—expanding the concept of “learn anywhere” interactivity between instructors and students or consultants and clients.

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Interactive video is new for many companies, so we understand you may want help figuring it out. That's why from the very first conversation you'll work with a dedicated client team.

At Viddler, our culture separates us from the rest. We’re the people who come to work and love what we do. Every day. We care about our clients, our employees, and our community. Together, we make an unstoppable team. Join us!

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A Pioneer in Interactive Online Video

Since 2005, Viddler has been a leader in online, on-demand video technology. We are focused on video interactivity that dramatically improves performance outcomes for corporate learning and training.

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