Viddler provides interactive online media solutions for corporate communications, interactive training, and digital publishing.



Deep interactive video roots

The company began in 2005 as InteractiveTube when two Lehigh University students, Donna DeMarco and Rob Sandie, added interactive functionality to a TV program called Blues Clues.

The new concept generated interest as one of the first video-based interactive learning tools. Within a year, the company attracted attention and investment funding.

InteractiveTube evolved into Viddler, developing innovative features like timeline commenting and tagging for which it received a patent.

The Viddler community grew to over 700,000 users in 220 countries while also investing in business solutions.


Applied business solutions

As the world flocked to online video, Viddler continued as a working laboratory for the power of interactive video engagement.

Viddler innovations enabled businesses to securely deliver engaging interactive content to thousands of Interactive Training, Corporate Communication, and Digital Publishing clients.


Interactive Communities

Imagine reaching your targeted audiences around the globe with securely delivered interactive multi-media messaging that engages those audiences, achieves your communications objectives, and measures compliance and interactivity.

With your vision and our experienced consultants, Viddler offers a range of solutions to strengthen your community with interactive video.