Working with top corporations and organizations, Viddler is an experienced provider of secure, reliable video content delivery.

Video today is more than just play

  • Reduce the cost of sales, training, and general communication
  • Increase the effectiveness of employees, partners, and other target audiences
  • Make sure the right videos are delivered to the right people
  • Easily integrate with Single Sign-On
  • Add video contests and other team-building capabilities

Arpeggio: Interactive HTML5 Player

  • Provide secure, reliable video delivery
  • Play video on the mobile devices your people use
  • Offer timeline-based interactivity, playback speed control, and more
  • Easily add captions and native accessibility support
  • Flash fallback available for older systems and browsers

The Viddler Platform: Video in a BYOD world

  • Easily upload and manage video content
  • Measure the effectiveness of training and compliance videos
  • See when your users are most engaged
  • Learn what videos are being viewed—and for how long
  • Use video recording tools for increased engagement and collaboration

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