Video is way more than just play:

  • Setup video advertising or sponsorships
  • Easily find videos within your library
  • Set up “members only” subscription portals
  • Use SEO benefits to capture traffic
  • Generate reports

In collaboration with technology partners, Viddler serves the needs of business and consumer publishers and their advertisers.

Arpeggio Player

Responsive Interactive HTML5 Player

  • Mobile-ready (be on the devices your people use)
  • Overlay and branding control
  • Social sharing to broaden your audience
  • Multilingual captions

Media Community

Keep users engaged with your content

  • Encourage multiple views with targeted suggestions
  • Monetize your content with Advertising and Sponsorships
  • Subscription tools to charge your users to access your content
  • SEO benefits help drive traffic to your videos

Video Analytics

Learn how your videos are being used.

  • Measure the effectiveness of training and compliance videos
  • See when your users are most engaged
  • Know who played the content and how long they watched

Viddler’s development team is dedicated to serving the needs of Digital Publishers.

Let's find a solution for you.