Viddler has a long history with interactive online learning tools. With Viddler, you can change video from a passive to active viewing experience.

Discover a new way to learn

  • Enhance comprehension and engagement with interactive video
  • Make video easily accessible to students, trainees, and instructors
  • Add collaboration tools for trainees and “communities of practice”
  • Measure effectiveness with advanced video analytics

Arpeggio: Interactive HTML5 Player

  • Add timeline-based discussion boards and Q&A to each video
  • Play videos anywhere, on any device
  • Let students learn at their own pace with speed control and advanced navigation
  • Easily add multilingual captions and native accessibility support
  • Flash fallback available for older systems and browsers

The Viddler Platform: Designed for learning

  • Easily upload, manage, and interact with video content
  • See what content generates the most interest
  • See when your users are most engaged
  • Measure content usage, play duration
  • Manage content security, interactivity, and player appearance

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