Discover a new way to learn:

  • Interactive video elements enhance comprehension
  • Make video easy to access for students, trainees, and instructors
  • Collaboration tools increase engagement
  • Measure effectiveness with analytics

Founded in 2005 as InteractiveTube, Viddler has deep roots and experience with interactive online learning tools.

Arpeggio Player

Responsive Interactive HTML5 Player

  • Playback anywhere, on any device
  • Playback speed control
  • Short cuts to jump forward or back within the content
  • Multilingual captions
  • Native accessibility support

Media Community

A private community for your team

  • Create secure groups for learning among peers
  • Offers friendly competition with visible leaderboards
  • Collaborate through video, documents, and timestamp-relevant commenting

Interaction Scores

Measure user engagement

  • Data designed to make it easy to see what content generates the most interaction
  • See when your users are most engaged
  • Know who played the content and how long they watched

Viddler’s development team is dedicated to serving the needs of Interactive Training.

Let's find a solution for you.