Learning and development professionals are faced with enormous challenges:

  • Interactive, engaging learning is desired, but flat video is passive
  • The need to deliver learning content anywhere, on any device—is daunting
  • Learning outcomes must be measureable

Video is a big part of the answer, but not all video is a good learning experience!

Static or “flat,” play-only video may be engaging, but it’s hard to measure and incorporate into courseware apps or websites in a meaningful way.

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Viddler has real answers for L&D professionals

Meaningful, measurable learning occurs when students and instructors interact with elements inside the video timeline. Whether in a standalone video learning hub, or as a complement to your existing workflow, Viddler adds powerful learning capabilities to your video content.

  • Viddler’s learning-optimized player technology combines the engagement value of online video with meaningful student and instructor interaction
  • Viddler’s mobile-first (but desktop-capable) video delivery reaches every learner, reliably and securely
  • Learning outcomes and video use are trackable on an individual basis

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