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Viddler Wins Ben Franklin Incubator Grad Award

Posted by Payton Sherry on April 17, 2014
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Ben-Franklin-TechVentures Viddler's original home was Ben Franklin TechVentures

In 2005, Viddler Co-founder DeMarco pitched an idea for an online video company to the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. What began as a class project became a full-blown enterprise solutions provider.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, well known for its work in technology-based economic development, was interested when Viddler presented their idea to them. They recognized Viddler’s passions and supported them in their development. For more than 30 years, Ben Franklin has helped hundreds of early-stage companies just like Viddler by investing in them, mentoring them, linking them with business and technical expertise, and providing incubator space.

Ben Franklin has been a part of Viddler’s journey every step of the way. Wayne Barz, manager of Ben Franklin TechVentures® business incubator, said “Viddler came here early in the company’s development. They had a working prototype of software that would let users time tag within a video. We decided to invest with them, and they decided to start in the incubator. Video wasn’t really a part of our lives at that time. YouTube existed, but it was a destination site where users would search for videos. Viddler has become a business platform. They raised more outside capital and positioned themselves as a professional services company.”

Now is the time to celebrate Viddler’s ride and the growth of the idea put forth by our co-founder, Donna DeMarco. This May, Donna will accept the Incubator Graduate Innovation award at the 2014 Ben Franklin i xchange.

Viddler’s original space (2007) at the Ben Franklin Incubators and Viddler’s current space (2012) at Partnerships for Innovation.


The Incubator Graduate Award is presented to the company that has best demonstrated successful Ben Franklin business incubation. “This award honors a company that starts in a northeastern Pennsylvania business incubator and grows and prospers several years after they leave,” said Barz. “Viddler was able to formalize their organization and become a professional company, and Donna has a lot to do with both the start and the continuity of that story.”

Viddler wants to thank all of its supporters

We thank Ben Franklin Technology Partners for their constant support. We are also very grateful to the many others who stood by us along the way. In the video below, DeMarco outlines the ride that Viddler has been on thanks to everyone who has supported us.

“Many of you are the reason Viddler has risen to where it is today, “said Viddler Happiness Ambassador, Derek Steen. “ You are the ones that dedicated hours every day creating videos, viewing and commenting on the videos of others, and participating in the many community adventures. There have been countless smiles, tears, frolics, artworks, deep thoughts, kids, birthdays, unboxings, and marvelous accents.”

As a Viddler client, you have been a part of this journey. We can't thank you enough. As Donna says, “ We wouldn’t be where we are today without our clients and awesome Viddler team members. Thank you for your constant support. The journey has just begun!”

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