Skills Training, Collaboration, Practice, & Reinforcement
Viddler's patented secure, interactive video tools help you better train your people and measure their performance.
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Video creates measureable eLearning results
Viddler Training Suite
Viddler Learning Suite
Viddler Video Learning Suite
Viddler eLearning Suite

Interactive Video: The Best Medium for Skills Training

90% of learning comes from informal training activities like apps, social networks and video.

Nick van Dam
Chief L&D Officer, Deloitte

Listening to audio plus watching video equals 68% more retention, 72 hours later.

Allan Pavio
University of Western Ontario

For sales communications, video will replace text documents as the leading form of digital content.

Jim Lundy
CEO, Aragon Research

The Viddler Training Suite

Measure User Interaction

Deliver the right video content to the right people—on any device

  Viddler Training Suite provides straightforward management of users, groups, and media, taking the worry out of who sees what.

  Our robust network and interactive player deliver video to any device—desktop or mobile.

In-Video Questioning

Give your team (not your competitors) access to training

  Require user authorization to ensure your company training videos stay secure.

  Our Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration makes the Viddler a seamless part of your existing training system.

User Controlled Viewing

Turn online video into an active, effective coaching experience

  Viddler’s patented video player gives instructors the power to coach, and provide immediate, contextual feedback.

  Team members can practice with ease, using web recording (or mobile upload) of video or audio exercises.

Viddler Training Suite

Track how well team members are doing—and help them grow

 The Viddler Training Suite provides detailed user tracking, based on performance ratings by managers and/or peers.

  User-specific analytics track who watched what video (and for how long) and other important metrics.

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Practice. Feedback. Lasting Results.

  Save Time & Travel Costs

Today’s workforce is separated by time zones, travel issues, and schedule constraints. Bridge those gaps—and saves costs—with secure training video on any device.

  Reinforce Consistency

Your team improves by practicing what they learn. Viddler’s role-play and reinforcement process increases their skill levels, and keeps them consistent with your goals and messaging.

  Build Team Cohesion

Skills training doesn’t succeed in a vacuum. Your team members learn best when they have online tools that foster friendly competition, coaching relationships, and shared training goals.

  Measure the Results

Knowing who watched what—and for how long—is just the beginning. Use Viddler to rate video responses to assignments and provide meaningful feedback.