Need a way sell access to your videos?

Launch your online video store in a day

  • No website needed. No development costs to launch your site.
  • Receive assistance from our team to launch your store quickly.
  • Brand your store with your own custom player, logo, colors, background and CSS.
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Easily Add, Organize, and Price Your Videos

  • Sell access to the entire store or to individual video sets
  • Set pricing options and special promotional codes
  • Enable optional download of supplemental MS Word or PDF files.
  • Limit which sets are viewable to specific users and groups.

Manage Your Store

Manage your store

Set prices, create collections, and more!

Get Paid

Get Paid

Make secure payments—hassle-free!

Securely Manage Payments

  • Securely collect payments from customers using PayPal.
  • Get paid at the end of each month.
  • Access reports of revenue earned and subscriber details.
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Protect your Videos with Advanced Security

  • Individual user logins are created to restrict video access to the sets they purchased.
  • You are notified when users exceeds a certain number of IP addresses (to prevent them from sharing their account).
  • You can monitor the history of what videos specific users watched.

User Tracking


See when a specific user watches a video.

Viddler Subscription Store Examples

Click any of the examples below to see live successful stores.

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  • Entertainment Video Store
  • Horsemanship Video Training
  • Yoga Video Fitness Club
  • Music Lessons Video Store